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Phone Line Consolidation

Right now, if your building has a Sprinkler System/Fire Alarm System, Elevator(s), Phone Access System, Security System, Etc., you may be spending hundreds of dollars per month on dedicated phone lines that you don’t need.

It’s true that the Fire Alarm System needs two telephone numbers to call out on, but these two phone lines do not need to be dedicated. All Fire Alarm Control Panels with dual line communicators have the capability of “Line Seizure.” This means the two phone lines stop first at the fire panel and can then go on to other phone devices like fax machines and voice phones.

When the fire panel needs to communicate, it “seizes” one of the phone lines for itself and cuts off, temporarily, the other phone devices further on, so the non-emergency phones can’t interfere it. All Fire Communicators and Security Systems are designed with this “Line Seizure” feature.

Elevator Emergency Phones can also share a line with other phone devices. The only requirement is that when someone in the elevator car presses the button on the emergency phone—or lifts the handset—that the call go through un-hindered. Elevator phones do not have this same Line Seizure device that fire and security panels have, but this capability can be added.

This sharing of phone lines can also be applied to Phone Access Panels now used by many apartment buildings instead of the old intercom style systems. These save on a lot of wiring, but because they use a phone line to notify tenants that someone at the front door wants to talk to them, monthly phone bills accrue.

All of these above mentioned systems probably have dedicated phone numbers that are hardly ever used. The Fire Communicator calls out a test once a day and alternates calling on the two phone numbers, so.....